Day 19: Friday, June 21

This morning we took the Tunnels of Moose Jaw gangster tour. The tunnels are an interesting part of Canadian bootlegging history. I’ve always found Moose Jaw a fascinating yet often overlooked town.

After the tour, we parted ways from Auntie Lorita. We are back to loaded bikes! The bike gear is heavier than it was in the mountains because we need to take a few more things for the rest of our journey.

On our way to Regina we saw a couple of bicyclists going west so we crossed the highway to chat with them. Adrian and Branson are travelling from Ontario to Vancouver to meet with other BBoys (breakdancers). They are on Facebook at Project Bike Away BBoys. They have seen a few bicyclists heading east. One of them was Shawn, who they last saw in Winnipeg.

They gave us a few tips about travelling in Ontario. Their main concern was the flooding in Alberta. We only knew what we saw on TV because we just missed the floods the day we left.

About 30 kilometres outside Regina we saw at least 12 eagles flying in the sky and more on the ground and in the trees around the road. I’ve never seen such a high concentration of this type of bird.

The many types of birds are my favourite thing about Saskatchewan. I find the birds especially amusing as they swoop and dive bomb BB when she’s biking ahead of me! Maybe they are protecting their young. Sometimes birds play; they will fly beside us or just ahead of us for long distances.

What I dislike about this province is the roads. BC roads had narrow shoulders with some rough patches. Alberta was a treat with wide shoulders that were smoothly paved. Saskatchewan? The shoulders are wide but after Swift Current the roads continuously get worse with rough patches that suddenly turn into gravel and dirt. Regina is by far the worst roads for bicycling. Pea gravel and garbage line the freeway. The on/off ramps are also scary to get through on a bike with all the traffic (we went through during rush hour).

We were just about at our hotel (thank you Auntie Lorita for booking that for us) when a woman pulled up on a side road and flagged us down. We pulled over and as we got closer we realized it was Claudia, our former co-worker from the hospital! She had finished her last shift the day before and was now heading to see some friends out east before starting her new job. It was a nice surprise to see Claudia! This whole trip we have bumped into people we know when we least expect it. It definitely is wonderful to see familiar faces!

Today we travelled from Moose Jaw to Regina for a total of 71 kilometres.


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