Day 17: Wednesday, June 19

BB woke me up last night around midnight telling me to be quiet and to stop making noise. I couldn’t figure out what she was talking about because I was sleeping but then I heard the thunder in the distance. Turns out she was sleep talking!

Around 4 a.m. there was a crack of thunder so loud we woke thinking the B&B was struck by lightning! I’m so grateful we haven’t got caught in any of the storms that are happening in the prairies.

When we got up in the morning, a strong east wind was blowing the trees outside our window. That put us both in a grumpy mood. Auntie Lorita suggested driving us to Swift Current and then we could bike back to Maple Creek. This way we could finally have a day with tailwinds pushing us but we still would be travelling the same distance by bike. It was a brilliant idea and it shortened our day by hours! If we had to bike against that strong wind, it would have been a rough day. Instead, it was a fantastic day filled with smiles and even bike races between us. BB won, of course!

We made it back to Maple Creek around 5:30, which was the same time as Auntie Lorita was finishing her tour of the Cypress Hills area. She drove us back to Swift Current and treated us to a night at the Home Inn & Suites. A very beautiful hotel.

In the hallway we ran into Kayla and James from Toronto. They had stayed in the same B&B as we did last night. Kayla had won tickets to a Rough Riders game so she decided to make it a vacation and discover Saskatchewan. I think that is great. As Canadians we sometimes forget that our country has cool things to see…even in Saskatchewan!

A weird coincidence was finding out that my friends, Evil E (aka Eileen), Jascha, and little Ben were staying at the hotel next door to us. They had travelled by car from Vancouver to Saskatchewan to visit relatives and now they were heading home. Perfect timing and a great visit. Evil E still believes I’m a princess and I’m glamping at the moment. I assure you E, there will be many more nights of camping and roughing it.

We are both are extremely grateful to Auntie Lorita for helping us travel through Saskatchewan with lighter loads…and for comfortable sleeps. It’s also been nice to travel with someone else who researches the area and then tells us about cool things to look for! (Thank you Auntie Lorita!)

Today we outsmarted the wind and had a great day travelling at speeds of 60 km/hour. We travelled 138 kilometres!

Tanya and Auntie Lorita

Tanya and Auntie Lorita

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  1. Your auntie Lorita was very sweet; Ben was smitten. It was so great to see you guys.