Day 16: Tuesday, June 18

I had the best sleep since this trip started. Our hosts provided us with comfy beds. They made us a a great breakfast in the morning. I wished we could have stayed and visited all day because they are wonderful people! However, the road called to us and off we went! (Thanks for everything!)

It was so freakin’ hot out when we began our journey around 11 a.m. And we were battling headwinds all day so it was mentally exhausting. We were happy that my Auntie Lorita was carrying our heavy gear in her car to Maple Creek for us. This way we could ride faster with a lighter load.

We stopped in Irvine to have lunch. We avoided the pub because we didn’t want another grease-induced lunch and moved on to the bakery/grocery store. As we parked our bikes against the window, we could see some ladies sitting at a table inside.

BB was following me in when she realized she still had her bike gloves on so she went back to her bike. I went in and a lady stood in between the bakery side and the grocery part of the store with a scowl on her face and her arms crossed like a guard.

“Is that the bakery behind you?” I asked.

“We haven’t had a bakery for at least three years,” she said in a snotty tone.

“Do you sell sandwiches in the grocery store?”


“So you sell nothing to eat in a grocery store?”

She glared at me.

BB came in around this time and said, “Hey, should we get some freezies?”

“No,” I said and BB nodded, knowing something unpleasant went down while she was outside.

I told her what happened when we left the store. It’s amazing how some business owners drive customers away…on purpose.

We biked by a gentleman who was outside his house and he told us about the Complex, which was the ice arena across town. At the Complex, Shirley, the cook, was just shutting down the lunch service but she managed to rustle up some tacos for us. Kate, the arena manager, took us into the ice arena while we waited for our tacos. It was nice to be able to cool down after such a hot day.

We made it into Saskatchewan by mid-afternoon. As soon as we entered the province, BB gained an entourage…of mosquitoes. As soon as she stops, she has a cloud that constantly buzzes around her!

I dropped my new iPod and smashed it. Yep, two days on the road and that’s all it lasted. My electronic woes continue. The tally is: 1 iPod lost, another smashed, lost a camera charger and camera cord.


Right after the Saskatchewan sign, we saw a Maple Creek sign that said it was only 41 kilometres away. BB said that her phone showed it was around 48 kilometres. I said, “These road signs can’t be wrong.” I guess they can have typos because about two kilometres later, another sign said Maple Creek was 48 kilometres away. Sigh.

We met up with my Auntie Lorita in Maple Creek. She rented us a room at the Redmond House, which is a Bed & Breakfast. It was a nice place; however, for a B&B, the breakfast was lackluster.

Today we travelled from Medicine Hat to Maple Creek, which was 102 kilometres against the wind.


  1. admin

    Hey Minds, tell your Ma I say hi and we are doing well. In other words, tell her not to worry!

  2. Mindy

    Sounds like you guys got out of Alberta just in time! you missed the ridiculous rains! Jory was sure we were all dying in an old man river flood. You know my family pretty well, you even know things before me sometimes due to working with my mom. I think she considers you a surrogate daughter. Hope you are both doing well finishing up the prairie leg of the tour