Day 15: Monday, June 17

I would like to label my biking partner as “Sarge”; however, that is a nickname for another one of our friends. So I’m going to call her the “boot camp trainer from hell” or, for something shorter, “Boss Lady”! I suppose I must tell you that I’m eating my words from yesterday.

While I was busy getting last minute things done on Sunday, I called Boss Lady and said, “I think we can make it to Medicine Hat tomorrow.” Boss Lady blurted, “IT’S 174 KILOMETRES!” To which I replied, “It will be fine.”

I figured we were rested after three days off, and it’s the prairies. Everyone talks of the fabled west winds pushing bicyclists east. We even heard about two guys going across the prairie provinces using tailwinds to propel them at 65 km per hour. (We curse those lucky jerks now because we have yet to have tailwinds.)

“If we are going to make it before dark, we have to leave early. What time should we leave? Seven?” she asked.


“No ‘ish’, seven a.m.,” the Boss Lady said sternly.

I got there at eight(ish). She wasn’t too happy.

My Dad caught up with us on our way out of the city to wish us luck. That was one of the last nice moments of the day.

After that, the day got long and grueling. By the time we arrived at Bow Island, I was done. That’s 109 kilometres, which is the farthest we’ve gone in one day. However, Little Miss Boss Lady made me eat my words. “You’re the one who said we could make it to Medicine Hat in one day. And you’re the one who arrived late. We’re going to do this.”

I was sick of the east winds pushing against us. It felt easier doing a mountain summit than fighting the wind. My right leg blistered from the sun and the skin on both my thumbs cracked due to the dryness. And my seat, well let’s just say it is a torture device after so many hours on the road.

I must say, for the first time on this trip I was despising Boss Lady just a little bit. Okay, a lot. However, it was my “brilliant” idea to go 174 kilometres in one day. I was sore, sunburned, and suffering from a headache. I had no one to blame but myself. However, it was best she ride a long way in front of me for at least an hour, which she gladly did because she was despising me as well!

While I was home for the weekend, I picked up an iPod Nano, I figured this was a good time to blast some music and calm down. We were making it to Medicine Hat. I had to push through the pain.

We made it around 9:30 p.m. to BB’s Uncle and Auntie’s place in Medicine Hat. Her Uncle had pizza and pop waiting for us, plus a beautiful steam shower! That made our bitterness from the day disappear. However, I learned my lesson: don’t make BB mad! Kidding, I learned that more than 100 kilometres a day is a bit much for us.

Today we travelled 174 kilometres.

Dad and I

Dad and I


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  1. Josh (Jocelyn)

    Happy to read you again, and to know your knees are getting better. We did get to Waterton for my wife’s birthday present, sleeping at the hotel. I crossed Alberta in 2½ days after that and am now following the Red Coat Trail in southern Saskatchewan in Lafleche. I know for the winds…they don’t blow in the direction stated in my contract. Gotta make do with what we are delt, don’t we? This is just a minor inconvenience by comparison. Just happy if we happen to see each other on the road again. I will gladly break the wind for you 2 courageous ladies.