Day 14: Thursday, June 13

We had breakfast at Tim Horton’s with Uncle Ronnie then we were off to our city — Lethbridge.

The hill by Brocket was hard, but after climbing mountains, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! In all honesty, every hill is still a hill and I don’t think any hill will ever be easy!

We arrived in Fort Macleod around noon. I took BB for a tour of historic Main Street. I used to live in some of the apartments above Main Street when I was a teenager so I was showing her my old haunts. And just like in the old days, travelling Main Street I always run into someone I know! My mom’s best friend, Sue, and another family friend, Elaine, were just getting into a car. It was good that we caught them because I was going to make a detour to surprise Sue at her home! Both her and Elaine gave us big bear hugs!

After our quick visit, we headed to Tim Horton’s. A car pulled up beside us and to our surprise, it was my Auntie Lorita! She treated us to lunch and we chatted while waiting to hear from my publicist, Kellie. I tried emailing her, but of course, my technology woes struck again! It turns out Kellie was trying to call me but I gave her the wrong cell number. (Someday Kellie, I will make your life easier!)

Close to Monarch, we stopped to stretch, which was perfect timing because the Assistant Managing Editor, Garrett Simmons, from the Lethbridge Herald called. I did an interview on the side of the road! How cool is that?!!

Around 4:00 p.m. we arrived in Lethbridge to a warm welcome from family! I was so excited to see everyone, especially my mom! I do feel guilty for being away so long this summer. I want to spend as much time with her as I can before the Alzheimer’s takes away all her memories. However, Mom tells me not to feel guilty because she is living vicariously through my adventures by reading my blog. She has always encouraged my brother (Shawn) and I to live life to the fullest.

We met Brendan Miller, a reporter from CTV. He interviewed Mom and I. Just like Garrett Simmons, Brendan put me at ease.

David Fuller, a photographer from the Lethbridge Herald, got down and dirty in a puddle to take a cool picture of us! (Thank you Brendan, David, and Garrett for taking the time to spread the word about our Alzheimer’s Awareness campaign.)

We are taking three days off to repack, rest, and get ready for the next leg of our journey. I wanted to make it back in time for a wedding of two very close friends this weekend.

Today we travelled 100.3 km — the most kilometres we covered in a day!

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