Day 12: Tuesday, June 11

We are huge procrastinators, as you readers may have figured out. We didn’t train for the trip, didn’t pack until we got to Vancouver, and we’ve been figuring out our route as we go. My poor publicist for my book, Supporting Parents with Alzheimer’s, is having a heck of time planning media events due to our never knowing where we will be and if we will have cell service!

We also hate mornings so it is really hard for us to get up early. Today was the earliest we managed to get on the road, which was 9 a.m. Because we normally get up late, we end up travelling through the hottest times of the day. I forgot what it was like to have short hair…my poor ears, they are burned to a crisp…and so is the back of my neck. My whole body is like a patchwork quilt of weird burns, even with sunscreen!

We were excited to be on flatter ground with no summits in our future; however, the headwinds have finally started so going downhill we have to pedal almost as hard as we would going uphill!



We stopped in Fernie at a fruit stand but we were too early in the season for fresh fruit. Instead we talked to the ladies who were canning food. Again, we found people who have close relatives with Alzheimer’s.

As we were biking away from the fruit stand a jogger stopped us. She was European but had been living in Canada for a few years. She had done a lot of years of touring countries on bikes so she knew what life on the road is like. She invited us to stay at her place. We would have loved to have stayed but we had to make it to Sparwood to keep on schedule.

We arrived at Sparwood around 5 p.m. A friend of BB’s had contacted her sister to ask if we could stay for the night. Without ever meeting us, she said yes! We camped in their yard and they invited us in for dinner! They fed us the most delicious version of poutine we’ve ever had — the Hungry Harold! A diner in Fernie used to serve it until new owners took over.

Right away we felt like we were talking to old friends. (You guys rock! We had some great conversations! And thanks again for letting us stay!)

Today we travelled from Jaffray to Sparwood for a total of 80.3 km.

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