Day 11: Monday, June 10

My knees are getting better. I’ve heightened my seat as far as I dare, I’ve switched my clips on my shoes to a different position (yes, I’m back to using the dreaded clip pedals), and I removed a gel seat cover because it was sliding all over the place. Removing the seat cover has now given me new pain to consider and focus on, but I’ll refrain from going into details about that!

Also, BB is complaining less about her bike because everything seems to work, it’s just noisier than mine is!

Today we made our first milestone. We said at the beginning of the trip if we can make it to Cranbrook, it will be smooth sailing after that!


BB’s friend owns the restaurant, Mr. Mike’s in Lethbridge so he arranged to pay for our lunch at Mr. Mike’s in Cranbrook. Great meal with great service! I’ll be taking my mom to Mr. Mike’s when I return at the end of summer. (Thanks again Greg!)

We made it to Jaffray around 4 p.m. BB contacted her a friend who offered up her family home for us to stay. The family was super kind! They fed us and gave us a comfy bed to sleep in. (Thank you!)

I borrowed a computer to update my blog posts. I successfully got one up and when I was about to post my next one, the Internet went down. I’m told that is a common Jaffray problem; however, I’m starting to believe it is a common Tanya problem. My poor luck with technology on this trip is becoming very frustrating!

Today we travelled 78.4 km.

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