British Columbia

Day 4: Saturday, June 1

Our water is running low and civilization is nowhere in sight. I'm fairly sure my knee caps need to be removed. I had to fight off a crow that was about to rip open our stashed food. It rained in the night so our bikes and tent are wet. The start of Day 4 is...

Day 3: Friday, May 31

As we were leaving Hope we met another bicyclist, Hilary. She's from Hope. She gave us positive encouragement, which was nice because we were on our first real incline up our first mountain pass. Hilary told us that her daughter had bicycled from PEI to Vancouver!
By midday we were walking our bikes for most of...

Day 2: Thursday, May 30

I have mixed feelings about the bike ride between Abbotsford and Hope. We weren't allowed to bicycle on parts of Trans-Canada Highway so we had to do a huge detour through the Cultus Lake area. That area is beautiful but we're trying to make up time for starting so late in the season. The signs for...

Day 1: Wednesday, May 29

YEAH! Finally found a real computer to do our blog entries. The iPad just isn't cut out for this. We left White Rock Wednesday, May 29. Friends and family came to see us off and give us a prayer for safe travels. I was extremely overwhelmed because I was finally following my 20-year-old dream of biking...

Delayed a Day

We have delayed our launch until tomorrow, May 29. It's been awhile since I've been to Vancouver so we wandered around the city yesterday. By the time we got back to our friend Luke's house it was too late to pack the rest of our gear. Today we are spending time packing, mapping, and relaxing. And...

Committed to Raising Awareness for Alzheimer’s

I'm so committed to raising awareness for Alzheimer's that I shaved my head. It's a disease of the brain so I figured shaving my head brings attention to the situation. But that's not the only reason I shaved my head. I wanted to do it. I've always wanted to shave my head. Many people, especially women,...