British Columbia

Day 12: Tuesday, June 11

We are huge procrastinators, as you readers may have figured out. We didn't train for the trip, didn't pack until we got to Vancouver, and we've been figuring out our route as we go. My poor publicist for my book, Supporting Parents with Alzheimer's, is having a heck of time planning media events due...

Day 11: Monday, June 10

My knees are getting better. I've heightened my seat as far as I dare, I've switched my clips on my shoes to a different position (yes, I'm back to using the dreaded clip pedals), and I removed a gel seat cover because it was sliding all over the place. Removing the seat cover has now...

Day 10: Sunday, June 9

We had a fabulous sleep and then a great breakfast to follow. (Thank you Auntie Marilyn!) I've been meaning to visit my aunt and uncle for years. So this was a nice stop to have on our bike journey. It was also a good way to avoid the Salmo Pass, which still had snow at the...

Day 9: Saturday, June 8

Before we left Glade, my father-in-law, Arnold, made us the best energy breakfast we've had so far on this trip! Protein smoothies with his homegrown blueberries and strawberries along with toast slathered with peanut butter and bananas! On the way to Nelson, I hit a patch of the dreaded pea gravel! I wiped out and rolled...

Day 8: Friday, June 7

We were woken early by the damn crow again along with a dog barking. As soon as BB left the tent I could hear her saying, "ouch, leave me alone!" The mosquitoes love her! Which is great because they still ignore me. She's the best insect repellent! One my way to the bathroom I met the...

Rest Day: Thursday, June 6

We woke up to camping's version of a rooster...the crow. Every time we camp a crow wakes us up. One morning we heard a crow mimic a witch's cackle! Since we were awake we decided to get an early start; however, when I went to move my bike the tires wouldn't roll. I looked down to discover my front derailer was...

Day 7: Wednesday, June 5

It was hard saying good bye to Kate and Ken because they were great hosts and wonderful people! (Thanks again for the Timmy's card and for opening your home to us!) BB is yet again having bike issues. We bought the exact same bike but her bike seems to be a lemon along with her Axiom...

Day 6: Tuesday, June 4

BB is slowly being eaten alive by bugs. I must be so smelly I repel the bugs! BB didn't sleep well last night because she kept waking up to every sound, fearful that some freak was going to break down the door to our motel room. I didn't sleep well because every time my hand poked...

Day 5: Monday, June 3

We unloaded some supplies with Darren and then began are long slow ascent up Anarchist Mountain. I felt refreshed and ready to take on the challenge of the Osoyoos switchbacks. I've always wanted to bike this area. Now that I've done it, I'm good, I don't need to bike it again! Osoyoos more

Rest Day: Sunday, June 2

BB is sick of hearing this old lady complain about her knees. I'm also sick of hearing me complaining about my knees. The day was rainy so I used a payphone to call my hubby, Darren, to see when he would be leaving Vancouver. It just so happened he was bored in Vancouver and was going...