Alzheimer’s Awareness

Slow Down Your Speech

David Suzuki recently discussed Alzheimer’s in The Nature of Things: Untangling Alzheimer's. I found the episode very informative. I especially liked how Suzuki put on ear phones and blurred glasses to give him a feel for what it is like to have the disease. My mom often has trouble understanding things I say...


Are the Eyes Windows to Alzheimer’s Disease?

I’ve been receiving a lot of emails in regards to eye tests being able to determine if a person has Alzheimer’s. With this recent article I am hopeful that this will be a non-invasive way to check for the disease. Here’s another interesting article from the Economist. ...

The Bump under the Rug May Well Be a Caregiver

Guest post by Rick Lauber

We’re hearing the term “caregiving” more and more these days, but people remain resistant to accepting it. Caregiving is the act of helping and/or supporting an aging senior (whether this is a parent, friend, spouse, or partner).

Caregivers (often family members) take on increased responsibilities including moving seniors to a...


Thank You Seth Rogen!

Not long ago, Mom and I went to see the movie, The Guilt Trip. Mom is a huge Barbara Streisand fan while I'm a fan of Seth Rogen. Mom didn't always catch all the jokes due to her Alzheimer's; however, we both walked out of the theatre happy and laughing. That movie is one reason...

Mom Is Doing Well

I've had some readers ask recently how my mom is doing since I published Supporting Parents with Alzheimer's. It was a little more than two years ago when we moved Mom to Alberta. The book was written from our experience of the early days with Mom. Since then, Mom and I have done...

September Is World Alzheimer’s Month

When I returned home, I was excited to see my mom. Her memory is a little worse, but she's still doing well. I've printed all my updated blog entries and put them in a binder. Mom can now read about the bicycle journey and see the pictures. Mom loves to live vicariously through my adventures! It's...

Day 47: Thursday, July 25

We stayed at a hotel last night. We haven't done that since Terrace Bay so it was nice to have a princess night of long warm showers and a comfy bed to sleep in. This morning at breakfast some people from Massachusetts were asking about our bike ride so we talked to them about Alzheimer's disease....

Committed to Raising Awareness for Alzheimer’s

I'm so committed to raising awareness for Alzheimer's that I shaved my head. It's a disease of the brain so I figured shaving my head brings attention to the situation. But that's not the only reason I shaved my head. I wanted to do it. I've always wanted to shave my head. Many people, especially women,...